The previous week, while Kris Lenker and his wife were driving home from work, they saw something on the roadway in front of them.

The fact that they were in the middle of the countryside led them to believe that the little brown animal was a newborn buck, but as they got closer, they realized that this assumption was incorrect. According to statements made by Lenker to The Dodo, “We slowed down and noticed that it was a dog.”

Lenker stepped out of the vehicle and tried to call the dog, but the terrified puppy ran off down the path. Lenker was unable to catch up with the dog. Lenker stayed close behind, undecided about whether or not he should do a U-turn. Lenker provided the following explanation: “I couldn’t see her anymore, and we were on the edge of leaving.” “However, I simply got a gut feeling,” she said.

After a few minutes of cautious touching, Lenker spotted the dog lurking behind a fence, and the nervous dog eventually worked up the courage to approach him. According to Lenker, “She wrapped her front paws around my neck and allowed me to carry her back to the vehicle.” “I could see that she trusted in me despite the fact that she was shaking with fear… It seems as if we were all drawn together for the same reason.

The moment she saw the dog get inside the vehicle, there was a noticeable change in her manner. It seemed as if she had finally come to the conclusion that she was safe. Lenker said, “I simply patted her and told her I had her,” about their interaction. “At that time, she essentially collapsed into a ball and landed on my lap,” he said. It seems as if she has been hit by a tidal wave of happiness and contentment right now. She didn’t move off my lap the whole way back to the house.

The canine, who has been given the name Reba by the two people, is now unwinding in the toasty environment of the bathroom so that she can recover her strength. She is going to meet her new canine siblings as soon as she is ready, and they are going to teach her the rules of the house.

Reba, who is still as friendly as the day they discovered her, says that belly massages are her favorite, and she doesn’t hesitate to ask for them. “Belly rubs are her favorite, and she doesn’t hesitate to ask for them!” The information comes from Lenker. “Until we give in, she rips at us with her claws and rolls about on her back.”

Reba’s first reaction to being rescued was one of apprehension, but she has now become so housebound that she won’t even go outside to use the bathroom. She will not go somewhere without her mother first carrying her, and then bringing her back inside.

Lenker made the observation that “I feel she is still scared of being abandoned.”

Reba has only been back in her childhood home for a short while, but already she is putting on weight and comprehending what it means to have a genuine family. Lenker went on to say that she is the cutest little love bug and that her activity level has really increased since they first met. “All she wants to do is smother us in kisses and hug us,” we were told. It’s one of her all-time favorite activities.”

Lenker believes that it was always intended for Reba to become a member of their family. Lenker continued by saying, “She wouldn’t allow anybody to touch her, yet she allowed us to take her.” “She had a lot of trust in us, and it paid off because we fell in love with one other.”

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