Charity Webb, who is now 29 years old and serves as a Military Sergeant, encountered a stray puppy when she was working as a chef in Europe. The dog had pups, and one of them was quite t imid when it came into contact with the soldiers.

Webb had a lot of affection for the dog and put in a lot of effort to win the puppy’s trust in the soldiers. But there were still those who attempted to injure the young one, but Webb stood up for her and made sure to give the little one plenty of hugs at all times. She decided to call her new pet Puppy.

They formed a close bond while in Europe, and the lady was concerned that following her deployment, Puppy Puppy may be found responsible at the hands of dog catchers. Therefore, she began formulating a strategy for their escape. She was made aware of the charitable organization known as Paws of War, whose mission is to re-unite returning service members with the animals they looked for while serving their country abroad.

Webb had to wait a little time since the organization is sole ly supported by contributions. However, as a result of the piece that was published in the New York Post, the whole amount (which was $7000), and the Pup was on her way to meet Webb.

Webb and Pup were finally able to see one other again in an emotional moment after being separated for a few months. Almost as soon as she stepped out of the vehicle and saw her new forever mommy, Puppy Pup began wagging her tail exc itedly.

By Elen

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