She walked up to it as the rain poured down and watched it raise its head, as if asking for assistance!

This kitten needed aid because his mother was nowhere to be found. He was soaked, hungry, and alone. As a result, the Good Samaritan contacted Kelsey Tinier, an Indy Humane volunteer, with the hope of placing him in a foster family.

“A ruby jasper stone inspired our acquaintance to name him Jasper.” Kelsey explained, “We liked it, so we kept it.”

Despite his ordeal, Jasper was in surprisingly good health. Jasper instantly perked up after grabbing the bottle and drank his fill.

Jasper instantly made friends with a small girl and shared a strawberry-shaped cottage with her. “He adored it and slept in it till he could no longer fit.”

As soon as it was confirmed that he was in perfect health, he wasted no time in settling in, wandering wherever he liked, and even using the letterbox that belonged to the spiteful cat. He quickly made himself at home.

He met June, who was only two days old when she arrived, and she became his second new companion. June had come at a considerably younger age. Everyone could clearly perceive the age gap between the two children: “by the time June had reached the point where she could begin to walk, Jasper had already mastered the technique of running.”

In spite of the age gap between them, they became fast friends, and Jasper took June under his paw and made it his mission to teach her the ropes. He seemed to love his new responsibilities just as much as June appreciated the attention.

While Jasper was becoming a role model for June, Penny, the resident dog, became Jasper’s go-to caregiver and became his favorite nanny. Tucker, the resident cat, whose letterbox Jasper and I commandeered, also doted on him, despite the fact that he had never really like the company of kittens. It was impossible for anybody to have a negative opinion of Jasper since he was so charming. “She showered him with hugs and kisses, and he worked his way into the family’s good graces.”

When Jasper was eight weeks old, he was nearly prepared to go on to the next exciting stage of his life.

Kelsey shared the following story with the Kitten Cat Post: “We knew we were not going to be the foster mothers that kept every singleton who came through our house, but one day, we spotted Jasper resting with Porsche, our oldest resident cat,” she said.

Jasper had made friends with Porsche, the more seasoned resident cat, and it was obvious that Porsche enjoyed spending time with Jasper. As a result of his keeping Tucker busy and allowing her to take naps whenever she wanted without interruption, he had also unknowingly assumed the role of a mediator between her and Tucker.

Jasper was the household’s last piece of the jigsaw that had been missing. “After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that he should formally join our family.”

Even though Jasper was a little awkward, he seemed to have the belief that he was invincible, and nothing could stop him from moving forward. Nevertheless, the trait that people liked him for the most was his enthusiasm for assisting newcomers in adjusting to their new surroundings.

Kelsey reported that about six months after adopting a cat, she and her family provided foster care to a young feline called Herbie who lacked proper socialization. “I came to the conclusion that Jasper would be the best buddy for Herbie to help him adjust to life as a household cat, therefore I made the decision to foster Herbie.”

Like he did with June, Jasper was drawn to Herbie like a bee to honey, and he assisted Herbie in emerging from his reclusiveness.

As Herbie began to relax and let his guard down, his hisses gradually replaced his purrs, and the scared-cat eventually transformed into a lap cat.

According to what Kelsey stated, “When each new set of foster kittens came, following their quarantine period, Jasper entered the kitten room to explain them how things operate.”

“He taught them how to eat their wet food, kibble, play with the toys, and how to clean themselves, and sometimes how to perform the things he wanted them to do, thus establishing the moniker Mr. Manager,”

Jasper, who is now two years old, is a seasoned pro when it comes to assisting newcomers in adjusting to life inside.
“Whether the kittens like it or not, he imposes his leadership responsibilities and confidence on each one of them.”

If a kitten is lacking in self-assurance, he may come off as overbearing; nevertheless, this is because he is teaching them the ins and outs of being a cat. Jasper is an excellent cat for preparing young cats and kittens for the possibility of a new family member joining them in their permanent home.

“When Jasper is not taking care of the kittens, you can find him resting on one of his numerous cat trees, hanging out in his outdoor cation with Tucker, tormenting his dog sister Penny, or nuzzling in the crook of his mom’s neck.”

“He is the greatest when it comes to hugs.”

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