The adorable kitten’s protective behavior as a mother won over tens of thousands of viewers on YouTube. Her young calf has paralysis in both of her hind legs, and the cat did not stop guarding her against some individuals who came to her aid while she was in need of assistance.

The heartwarming photographs of a cat mother’s selfless devotion to her child, who was born with paralyzed rear legs, have moved thousands of people who are subscribers to YouTube channels. The video went popular on social media networks for its disturbing nature.

The mother cat and her little one have made their home on the top of a building, where they have access to both food and water owing to the generosity of the building’s occupants. However, the villagers were quite worried about the precarious state of the small kitten. He is unable to move, and the vast number of flies that continue to reside in the area make his health worse.

The exact moment when the team of rescuers rushes to their aid can be seen in a video clip that was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. The movie shows the mother attempting to prevent the “strangers” from bringing her kid out of his refuge.

However, the people trying to save the cat came up with a plan that allowed them to divert the cat’s attention and successfully free the animal. They placed food in a cage and once it accepted the hook, they locked it up and managed to take it away for clinical care. Both of the cats, mother, and child, are now in the care of veterinarians who will provide the appropriate therapy to each of them.

The narrative of the caring mother has affected tens of thousands of viewers, and in only two days after the video was uploaded to YouTube, it has already racked up more than 300,000 views.

“Thank the good Lord, they were able to track down the mother and the kitten in time. The infant could not possibly have made it through this life unscathed. Some of the comments left by people who watched the video on YouTube included phrases such as “thank you to everyone who was involved in this rescue,” “I hope that they have a home, that they are constantly with each other, and that they provide a great deal of love and treatment,” and “This story made me cry.”

Watch the video below: