Tiggy, a dog who had been living on the streets of Blythe, Northumberland, after being completely abandoned, was saved on the evening of Christmas Eve (England). Tiggy was cruelly thrown out onto the street when she was in a severe condition, and she was left there in a manner where she was almost certainly left for de ad.

Her condition was deplorable; she was essentially skin and bones, with little hair, exposed ribcage, and protruding ribs, which was a situation that made one dread the worse for the dog. Her ribs were also protruding.

She was reportedly discovered by animal welfare officers, who were the ones responsible for rescuing her from the streets and transporting her to Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels (BARK), where she was treated and given the resources she required to recover from her injuries. According to the Daily Mail, she was found by animal welfare officers.

Tiggy’s caretakers were under the impression that she would not make it through the holiday season due to her bad condition; yet, she started to get better all of a sudden, defying their expectations.

It is important to recognize the significant role that BARK and its manager, Jan Ross, played in Tiggy’s extraordinary recovery, since she was given individualized care from the minute she came at the facility.

Because she couldn’t be around the other dogs, the dog was required to live in a home, and she was provided with the appropriate nutrition in order to assist her in regaining her weight. When she first arrived at the shelter, the dog weighed about 24 pounds, which was significantly less than the average for dogs there.

“When I first saw the dog, I was struck with wonder, dread, panic, relief, and an instant love for his fighting spirit,” Jan said. “When I first saw the dog, I was overwhelmed with amazement, terror, panic, and relief.”

Because of the circumstances, it was reasonable to presume that Tiggy was sick and so subject her to a number of medical exams. To everyone’s astonishment, all the dog need was some medication for its parasites and some good nutrition.

It is not known at this moment why they did this to Tiggy or who deserted her, and this will likely remain the case.

The horrifying account of what happened to Tiggy has gone viral, attracting the attention of the Northumberland County Council, who are making every effort to identify those responsible for the crime.

In attempt to identify people responsible for the dog’s abandonment, the organization made a request to the general public for any information they may have on the dog’s circumstances.

They provided an explanation, which said, “This is a remarkable and appalling case of maltreatment, and we are highly interested in knowing more about how he got so thin and holding the person(s) responsible accountable.”

The dog has made tremendous progress in her recovery; she has put on weight and her overall appearance has vastly improved; her demeanor toward other people and dogs has also changed, and her level of self-assurance has increased.

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