There really are dogs at animal shelters all around the globe who would do everything to be adopted and have their very own loving family to call their own. These canines are in desperate need of a home.

When a journalist went to an animal shelter to gather research for an article on the animals there, one of the canines made her presence known.

She pounced on the reporter and immediately started embracing him, and she refused to let go of his grip. In spite of the fact that the dog was the one who needed to be adopted, it was the dog who really ended up adopting the reporter!

The most exciting portion of the tale was when the reporter made the decision to go back to their hometown with their brand new closest companion.

After having such a pleasant experience, he realized that he couldn’t walk away from the shelter without taking the kind dog with him.

When he went to the animal shelter to report a story, he had no idea that it would eventually lead to him getting a new puppy. It was without a doubt predetermined!

The emotional moment was caught on video, and it is now available for viewing here:

By Anna

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