Sheep cats, also known as the breed of cat known as the Selkirk Rex, have lately been gaining popularity on Instagram due to the fact that their curling hair gives them an exquisite appearance. Additionally, the whiskers of certain sheep cats are coiled in a spiral pattern.

This charming breed of cats was unearthed for the very first time in the state of Montana in 1987, when a rescued cat gave birth to a litter of six kittens. Three of the kittens in the litter had straight hair, while the other three had curly fur. The rescue cat had her litter with a black Persian cat, and three of the kittens in the litter had straight fur.

Jeri Newman, who breeds cats, came upon this stray and took her in as her own. Newman came up with the idea to honor his stepfather by naming the new breed of cat “Selkirk.” The new breed was finally given its formal registration with the Cat Fanciers Association in the year 1992.

If you are considering giving a home to a Selkirk Rex, your first step should be to educate yourself more about the breed. It would seem that their hair needs more maintenance than the typical cat’s fur does because of its curly texture. You should also be aware that this specific breed enjoys receiving a great deal of attention.

Below you can find some pictures of sheep cats. Even when their fur is acting up, they still manage to maintain their adorableness.







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