Diesel, a terrible dog, endured more than 4 years alone in minus 40-degree in Yukon Canada. He was tied up, and the ground was quite an ice; ever since then, he has been making an effort to keep at least one paw off of the ground. He was completely alone and surrounded by animals; a horse kicked him in the mouth, and several stray dogs also attacked him. He had no human contact at all.

Thank goodness, Animal Advocates were able to ultimately save him, and now they have made certain that he will spend the remainder of his life surrounded by love and comfort. After they had successfully rescued him, they immediately transported him by plane to a facility in Vancouver. In this facility he had treatment, and nine wounds on his body were closed.

Diesel is a dog that is really cute, adorable, and sociable despite the unfortunate events that occurred with him.

Many thanks to these wonderful people who helped him and are working hard to ensure that the remainder of his life is happy and fulfilling.

Watch the video below:

By Anna

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