How much further would you go to find your missing dog? Most dog parents would go anywhere and drive wherever they needed to in order to find their lost dog.

Dara Prak of Texas never thought he’d see his beloved Pit Bull, Titan, again after the dog was stolen from his backyard.

The dog was missing, but the collar was found. Titan was taken, and Dara was heartbroken. He started looking right away, using social media and going to shelters in Houston. After more than three months, he admits that he has given up on ever seeing his best friend again.

Unbelievable, a shelter worker in South Carolina called Dara and asked if he was missing a dog. The dog’s microchip told where he belonged.

Dara and his girlfriend started the 1,000-mile trip right away so they could reach the sanctuary and find Titan. Based on his condition, it seems like the dog was mistreated, but no one will ever know where he went. He is expected to get better all the way.

Watch the tearful reunion when Titan’s father comes to the shelter and waits in the lobby for his dog. Was the dog going to remember him? Watch what happens next.

By Anna

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