Unfortunately,, we often come across stray dogs on the streets, since their owners often abandon them or give them away as if they were uninteresting toys.

People who lack compassion often make the callous decision to toss unwanted dogs out into the street in the same manner as trash, especially when the dog is ill or elderly.

And following that, a variety of unfortunate events are in store for these unlucky creatures. Every day, thousands of people walk by them and glance at them without paying any attention to them.

They observe the sad expressions on the faces of these animals, but they are unable to help them since everyone is too busy going about their regular activities.

Nevertheless, there are also those who are willing to assist these helpless animals, which is a really positive development.

Recently, employees at a local shelter learned about a dog that had been seen by residents of the city.

It was an elderly German shepherd who had been abandoned by his heartless owners and was forced to live in a river canal. He was doomed to die of famine.

A group of concerned citizens hurried to the location in order to save the dog and provide him with food.

The dog began barking and howling as soon as one of them got close enough to pet him.

It had been such a long time since he had been touched that he had virtually given up hope in mankind…

We are relieved to report that the dog formerly known as Biggie is now in good condition and enjoying a high level of happiness with his new doting owner, who voluntarily gave in to the dog’s adoption request.

By Elen

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