In this story, the dog is a German Shepherd named Rain who was living on the streets and was found hiding under a van for a few days.

Rain would cling to the wall behind the car out of fear and shiver uncontrollably whenever anyone came close.

The people in Rain’s neighborhood told the group “Hope For Paws” about how she was acting. Soon, a couple of people who could help Rain got there.

Loreta was the first to bring Rain a cheeseburger. But Rain’s scared body language and heartbreaking wails made it impossible for the rescuer to reach her.

The rescuers were shocked to hear Rain’s disturbing cries that sounded “humanlike” as she tried to get away from them. It was hard to imagine what kind of stress she went through that made her scream so loudly out of pure fear. She was scared and said it in a way that the people who came to help her had never heard before.

Rain hid under the car and prayed for the people who were coming to help her to leave. She then snuck into a dangerous gap to get farther away from the people who were trying to save her. But the rescue team put up a net around the area and Loreta got Rain out with the help of a gentle snare.

After being saved, Rain didn’t stop making strange human-like cries and sad faces. The people who saved her had to work hard to get her into a crate and rush her to the hospital for a checkup.

Rain finally realized that her rescuers were trying to help her, and she calmed down a lot while she was getting a bath.

Rain’s psychological recovery after being rescued was amazing. She became so loving and cuddly in the foster home that she was adopted within two weeks of being rescued.

She is now called “Sassy Pants Dunbar,” which is a great name for her goofball individuality.

She spends her days playing with her doggie sibling and demanding belly rubs from her loving owners. After being saved, she changed completely, and we’re so happy for her.

Watch Rain’s heart-warming rescue by clicking on the video below:

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