The diapers were the only thing the infant boys had on when they were discovered in the garbage.
The reality is that life is full of surprises, some of which are far more stunning and unanticipated than others.

Mark Purcell, the senior chef at the Pasco Metropolitan Ministries in the Tampa Bay region of Florida, was in for a big surprise one evening as he was ready to wrap up his workday and go home. The surprise came just before he was scheduled to leave for the day.
While he was putting out the garbage, he saw a few little heads sticking up from amid the bags of rubbish. At first, Purcell believed that someone had thrown out a pair of baby dolls; but, after giving them a closer look, he noticed that they weren’t toys; rather, they were genuine children!

There were two infant boys sitting there smack in the middle of the garbage. The younger of the two had just turned seven months old, while his older brother was close to two years old.

Mark came upon them when they were just wearing diapers, and their mother was hidden just around the corner from where he discovered them.
As Mark learned more about the incident, he realized that the mother was homeless and simply unable to care for her children any longer. Because of this, she made the decision to leave them at the church in the hopes that someone would adopt them and provide the level of care that she was unable to give them herself.

Mark was at a loss for what to do next, so he decided to phone one of the church pastors, Krystal Stewart, and inquire as to whether or not she and her husband, Ron, would be prepared to look after the children for the night. Mark was hoping that Krystal and Ron would be able to help out.

Both Krystal and Ron responded in the affirmative, and it turned out that they knew the children in question.
They had seen them together with their mother at the local soup kitchen, and they had even made a previous offer of assistance to the mother, knowing that she was having trouble making ends meet.

Krystal described the boys as being very filthy and covered with insect bites in an interview with FOX 13 News. She said that the boys need many showers in addition to a great deal of careful, loving care from their new guardians.

But little did Krystal and Ron realize at the time that this so-called “temporary arrangement” was going to morph into a commitment that would alter the course of their lives forever.
The boys’ mother and the social worker came to the Stewarts a few days after they were discovered hiding in the garbage and asked them if they would be prepared to take the boys in on a more permanent basis. If that weren’t the case, they’d have no choice but to enter the foster care system.

Krystal and Ron were given the very little amount of time to come to a decision. They claim that they both knew precisely what to do, and that they agreed to take the boys in and felt that “there was no other alternative” as far as they were concerned. They believe that they both knew exactly what to do.

Since then, the parents of the boys have come to the conclusion that they will hand over legal custody of their children to the Stewarts, and Ron and Krystal have already begun the adoption process!
After the adoption was finalized, the couple already had a few children of their own, but now their family has increased in size with the addition of two additional members. It is an incredible tale that begins in such a tragic way but has a great joyful conclusion for these children who have done nothing wrong. Read the news story that follows to find out more details about what took place.

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