At first glance, Ning seems to be just like any other cat; cute and cuddly, with the exception that she does not move in the same way that other cats do.

According to SBS TV, both of Nrong’s back legs have been seriously wounded, leaving him able to walk only on his two front legs at this point.

Because Nrng is Nbi’s closest buddy, Nbi is eager to help him out and take care of him. Even more disturbing is the fact that he shares his bed with Nrong and even sleeps with him.

Nᴏrɑng ɑnd ɦis gᴏᴏd buddy, Nɑbi ɑt tɦeir cɑrdbᴏɑrd ‘ɦᴏuse’

On top of that, Nibi helps to protect Nrong from any wild cats that we wanted to bother him by covering him with his body and shielding him from their gaze.

The presence of nobi prevents the scary scene from becoming upsetting. Nᴏrɑng Nɑbi ɑlsᴏ grᴏᴏms Rong obtained by licking ng and give ng the first opportunity to claim their food as their own

The presence of Ni helps prevent a scurrying cat from disturbing Noran.

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