At times, life might seem like a game of juggling when there is a new baby involved. While attempting to keep the rest of the family functioning normally, there are things like as changing diapers, making bottles, and washing clothes that must be done.

Imagine looking after not one, not two, but FIVE fresh little bundles of joy if this is really the case. That calls for some serious skill in the juggling department!

One couple in Idaho has first-hand experience with the joys and challenges of welcoming quintuplets into their family. However, rather than allowing the turmoil to fully overwhelm him, Dad opted to engage his creative side.

Chad and Amy Kempel, who are married, have had seven lovely children. He devised several one-of-a-kind baby hacks in the hopes of making life a little less difficult.

Chad has gained some notoriety as a “Dad hero” ever since he uploaded those photos on the internet. He devised a method for bottle feeding, a system for changing clothing, and even modified the family’s van so that it could accommodate the requirements of the youngsters in the family. He refers to them as “Quint Hacks,” which is a name that is really apt.

While Chad and Amy were attempting to have a family, they were unfortunately affected by several painful losses, just like a great number of other couples. They were just 22 weeks along when they gave birth to a set of twins, but sadly, none of them survived.

However, the Kempels never gave up on their goal or their ideal. They are now the delighted parents of seven children, all of whom were conceived using the process of intrauterine insemination (IUI).

When Chad and Amy found out that Amy was going to have another child, they already had two young girls.

When the couple found out that they were going to have quintuplets, they were immediately taken aback. However, as a result of the things that had happened in the past, they were anxious as well.

In the video posted by NowThis, Chad says:

“…when the ultrasound comes up on the screen, every couple should be delighted and excited about that moment, and they shouldn’t be thinking precisely what we were thinking at that point. Which is something along the lines of “Oh no, this is not going to end well.”

During the course of 27 weeks, Amy was able to carry both of her infants without risk. At that moment, she was forced to go through with a Caesarean section since it was the only option left.

After a total of 73 days spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the five adorable newborns, consisting of two girls and three boys, were discharged.

The couple’s elder girls were astounded by the arrival of all of their new siblings, which was to be anticipated.

It is stated on their channel on YouTube:

“Whether you have singletons, twins, triplets, quadruplets/quads, quintuplets/quints, or sextuplets, we hope that our parent/parenting hacks, tips, blunders, and accomplishments can make your life a bit simpler.”

Have a look at the video that’s been provided below to gain a better understanding of some of Chad’s brilliant “Quint Hacks!”

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