From time to time, we would all like to be able to live independently of the system.

The area has been designated as a sanctuary, and the land’s total area is 1,100 acres, but there are only 25 lots available. Rosie is now the proud owner of this property, which features a breathtaking panorama all around.

“sacred place” is the meaning behind the name she gave to her home, Ahurewa.

Indeed, the location is holy due to all of the abundant natural resources that surround her. Therefore, she shows reverence for the holiness of the land by making her home as eco-friendly as is humanly possible.

They have a 4kW solar system with 12 panels, which provides them with their electricity. In addition to this, they have two water tanks with a combined capacity of 2,500 liters, as well as a vermicomposting toilet. The waste water from the toilet is collected in tanks that are then used for the composting system.

Her home’s curb appeal is nothing short of jaw-dropping in its beauty.

It is large enough to accommodate a king-sized bed while still providing adequate space for movement around the room. What a wonderful way to start the day with a picture-perfect view of the sunrise, which can be seen from both sides of the wall through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Watch the video that is provided below to get an inside look at Rosie’s off-the-grid micro home.

By Anna

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