The taking of an oath of office is a momentous occasion for everyone involved. As such, it calls for a significant amount of responsibility and focuses on the task at hand. However, on his big day, a cute police dog didn’t have everything go as well as he had hoped!

You have to understand that in order for these puppies to become K9 canines, they have to fulfill a number of highly rigorous requirements. Because they are destined to become vital entities that are intended to assist individuals struggling with medical and developmental concerns or to play key roles in the investigations of criminal cases, they unquestionably need a set of specialized talents.

Having said that, one can never be quite sure when dealing with a puppy. And officers from the Bristol Police Department in Rhode Island have discovered the hard way precisely how unpredictability may be associated with canine companions. They were going to recruit a new therapy dog by the name of Brody, but the ceremony to swear him in didn’t go at all the way they had anticipated. The adorable little dog completely disregarded the demeanor that was expected of him at an occasion of this kind, as he spent the whole time dozing off. The scrumptious event was also relayed in real time on Facebook, which was the icing on the cake.

But despite the fact that even his first impression was not what Chief Kevin Lynch had anticipated, he continues to have a positive outlook and is enthusiastic about Brody’s potential future contributions. He said, “I felt we had a winning recipe for the town,” and I agreed with him. “This is a great illustration of how one person can make a difference. He is going to become an absolute celebrity in the city of Bristol. You can absolutely rely on it.” Thank goodness, the adorable Brody woke up at the exact right moment!

It would seem that Brody has always had a deep appreciation for resting his body. Officer Keith Medeiros, who is in charge of handling the animal, told The Dodo that “He plays pretty hard and he sleeps really hard.” “When he’s not playing, he’s napping, which might be difficult to deal with due to the fact that he sleeps a lot. We set him up on the desk, and he felt so at ease there that he simply laid down and went to sleep.

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