A heroic Yorkie defended her 10-year-old owner from an attacking coyote, therefore saving her life.

Macy, although being a little dog, battled against a frightening coyote in order to protect her owner, who was just a child.

There is no relationship quite like the one that develops between a young child and the family dog. Dogs are not only amazing companions, but they are also strong guardians of their masters, and they are willing to put themselves in harm’s way when it is required. Because of this, every kid should have the opportunity to grow up with a dog.

This was shown by a little dog with a big heart earlier this week when she saved her owner, who was only ten years old, from a coyote and in the process sustained injuries herself.

Macy is a Yorkie-mix that is six years old and lives in Scarborough, Toronto, with her owner Dorothy Kwan and the rest of her family.

Macy and the family’s daughter, who is 10 years old, were recently out on a walk when things took a turn for the worst when the child came face to face with a wild coyote. Macy was terrified for the child’s safety.

But, as if by some act of divine intervention, the little dog rose to the challenge and battled the coyote to save her owner.

The video is heartbreaking because you can see a coyote assaulting Macy in the distance while she is pleading for help in front of the camera.

Macy continues to bark, and the coyote eventually runs away, as if forced away by the smaller dog, but in the end, it is Macy who emerges triumphant from the struggle.

According to what Dorothy Kwan said in an interview with blogTO, “You can see our dog positioning herself between my kid and the coyote.” Even though she was in critical condition, she did not stop barking at the coyote and trying to drive it away. She responded against him.”

Even though Macy was able to avoid being attacked by the coyote, she still ended up with some significant wounds. According to what Dorothy wrote: “She received terrible injuries to both her body and leg.” Surgery to treat her wounds is now being performed on her at the emergency animal hospital.

Dorothy’s beloved Canis Minor had been hurt in the process of trying to save her daughter’s life, and the knowledge that this had happened devastated her heart. “My heart hurts not just for my infant, but also for our rescued dog, who is now five years old. My two children and my dog are the most important things in my life, and I’m a single mom.

Macy’s injuries were treated at an animal hospital once she was transported there, but the total cost of the veterinarian’s care was many thousand dollars.

People reacted well when Macy’s family started a GoFundMe campaign to generate money for the financing while also sharing Macy’s incredible tale with the globe. As of right now, the website has approximately $20,000 in contributions, which is more than twice its initial goal amount.

Even better, Dorothy has been posting updates on the website where the fundraising is taking place, and it seems that Macy is recovering well.

Today, she noted in her journal that “her fever has dropped, and she has recovered her appetite.” “My relationship with her has brought me nothing but joy. When she gets back to her territory, there won’t be a single coyote that will want to bother her. My spirited young girl has the ingredients necessary to become a formidable adversary. I love you a great lot. You are going to follow through with it!”

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