Simba was left behind in Cape Town, South Africa, due to the fact that he was different from all of the other “regular” canines. The poor dog hadn’t been feeling well for a very long time, and it broke his heart to see him in pain.

Simba’s previous owners gave him up because they saw that he did not lead an active or joyful life, and this was one of the reasons why. He was discovered by a rescue squad who brought him to their safe haven. When they saw the puppy in this state, both the staff and the doctor felt a great deal of distress. How is it possible for someone to give up on a live being in such a callous manner?

People tend to forget that animals, like people, can experience things like pain and pleasure. How would you react if you were going through a challenging period of your life and your family or the people you were closest to giving up on you? Unfortunately, there are some people who are terribly cruel; nevertheless, praise be to God, there are also some folks with big hearts and certain rescue sanctuaries who do an excellent job of aiding these precious creatures that are in need.

By Anna

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