It is always so heartwarming to watch a helpless animal being rescued from its precarious situation. It is the story of a stray dog in St. Louis that somehow managed to get himself locked up inside of an abandoned school. No one knows how this happened. The happy ending for the helpless puppy was that he was discovered by some good-hearted folks who at once notified a local rescue organization.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis had always worked with animals who had some of the most difficult histories, so when they were notified about a trapped pittie, they instantly raced to get the poor creature out of the predicament they were in. In spite of this, however, rescuing the dog was not a simple task due to the canine’s high level of anxiety and confusion. Therefore, as soon as he detected the presence of a human, he immediately fled and hid. But who can really hold it against him?

In any case, Donna Lochmann, who works with Stray Rescue, had to deal with a lot of situations that were quite similar to each other, so she understood how to handle them. The poor puppy must have quickly seen love in the hearts of the people who were looking for him because he simply walked up to Donna and the other people who worked with her while wagging his tail. This may or may not be surprising.

Natalie Thomson, who is the director of marketing at the Stray Rescue, revealed that the dog was given the moniker “Teacher’s Pet” by the organization since it had been reported missing by a couple of women who lived in the neighborhood. “They reported that they had heard howling coming from the school, so we went to investigate. When we arrived, there were really two dogs inside the building, but Teacher’s Pet was the only one that looked to be confined.

However, getting the dog out of the building turned out to be an even more challenging task. Because the rescuers did not have clearance to enter the building, they were forced to carry Teacher’s Pet out via the window, which made him feel even more uneasy. It’s a good thing that as soon as they got into their vehicle, things started to change since the rescued pit bull couldn’t contain his joy any longer.

And since there was only one possible conclusion to such a tale, it did not take too much time before the dog was taken in by a warm and caring family. He was at long last able to break free from his oppressors and live the happy, fulfilling life he had always deserved.

Watch this touching story below:

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