When the mail truck pulls up, it’s probably fair to say that Frannie is the one who is the most excited of everyone. This activity occupies the whole of the day for the little dog.

Every morning, Frannie waits by the door for the white vehicle that delivers her mail to come at the cul-de-sac where she lives. The moment she becomes aware of it, her whole body starts to tremble with desire, and she can’t stop herself.

On the other hand, the 5-month-old longhaired Chihuahua isn’t interested in getting letters; instead, she is completely focused on Dan, the person who brings her mail.

“It’s a genuine emotional connection,” said Frannie’s mother, Lisa Laskey, in an interview with The Dodo. “She started having feelings for him the day after we brought her home,” we said.

On the day when her life would be forever changed, Laskey had taken her brand-new puppy with her when she went to retrieve the mail. She halted what she was doing in order to have a little discussion with Dan, and she asked him if he would want to hold Frannie.

Laskey provided the following explanation: “He got out of his truck and made all of these silly faces at her and let her kiss him.” “And it seems as if, ever since that day, this must take place each and every day.”

Dan has been a mainstay in the neighborhood for many years because to his consistent punctuality and careful attention to detail in his job. According to Laskey, who provided the explanation, “He has always been the friendliest mailman in the world, and everyone in our neighborhood loves him.”

Although Laskey wasn’t shocked when her dog immediately developed feelings for Dan, the sweet routine that the two of them have every day continues to wow her.

“All Frannie has to do is sit on her tiny bed close to the door and keep an eye out for the white truck,” the author writes. “When the truck gets closer, her tiny body starts to tremble, and she gives a little yap to alarm me,” Laskey stated. “I know it’s coming because she’s barking.” “I make an effort to collect my items and get ready for her, in addition to putting her leash on,” I try to say.

As soon as he gets closer to our mailbox, I’m going to set her down on the driveway and then let her go free. She runs as fast as she can all the way down the driveway till she catches up to him… This makes him giggle wildly, which undoubtedly puts a smile on his face.

Because Frannie looks forward to Dan’s visits so much, she may find the time apart between them to be challenging while he is away on vacation.

Not only does Dan make Frannie’s day better, but he also gets a pick-me-up from having fun with the little dog when he’s out delivering newspapers.

“I believe he’s happy to see her on some days than she is to see him,” Laskey said adding, “I think she’s happier to see him than she is to see him.” “It has in fact developed into a beautiful relationship and friendship between the two of us.”

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