It is something that has been drilled into our heads from the time we were little that cats and dogs would never be able to get along in the wild. The next video will show that cats have a generous spirit and will help other creatures who are in need, even if it’s a dog that’s twice the size of a cat!

At the beginning of the video, you can see a cat scratching away at a metal door, and you may assume that he is entertaining himself in some manner by doing so.

I was quite affected by the cat’s desire to help the dog in its time of need, and I can nearly guarantee that seeing this video will cause you to shed some tears as well.

However, when some time has passed, you will discover a head peeping out from under the door. You will be startled to realize that the cat was really attempting to aid a dog in escaping, and you will be surprised to hear that the cat was trying to help the dog escape.

Watch the video here:

By Elen

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