Joanne had seen a puppy on the side of the road and made the decision to rescue her; however, she had no idea that she would end up saving three lives and bringing them all home!

Honey, a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross, is the subject of this tale. Joanne Logan, a member of the DogHeirs organization, saved Honey from being hit by a car on a highway in England.

Joanne brought some honey back to her house and attempted to locate the owner if he had one at all, but she was unable.

Therefore, she made the decision to adopt her together with her other two puppies.

After taking the honey for one day, he started coughing while being interviewed. Therefore, they brought him to the veterinarian many times for the examination, but he continued to exhibit symptoms of his illness.

Honey was often brought to the veterinarian for examinations, and at one time, the veterinarian discovered that she was carrying two puppies inside her womb. Honey gave birth to two healthy puppies in the most natural way possible, and soon after she started caring for them and feeding them, she began to feel better.

The physician informed Joan that while he was feeding his puppy, his health would not improve and that he needed to ask Honey to calculate the distance between his mother and him. It was his tiny chorkie, Missie, who volunteered to take care of the pups.

Poppy and Alfie are now living a wonderful life with Spaniel, Missie, and Kyle, and they have been given the names Poppy and Alfie. It’s rather fascinating to learn that they really visit their mother once a week.

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