A little more than five years ago, the restaurant owned by Gerardo Ortiz had an unexpected patron.

It was a stray dog, and she had a sad and hungry expression on her face. After taking a look at the plight the dog was in, Gerardo Ortiz made the decision to assist her.

While she waited patiently outside, Gerardo provided the dog with a complimentary lunch that he had prepared particularly for her.

This lovable custom has been passed down from generation to generation right up to the present day.

The starving dog continued to visit Gerardo’s restaurant on a nightly basis after she was given her first meal so that she may have another complimentary dinner there.

However, it did not take long before Ajilalo was visited by more pals who were equally hungry. Before Gerardo even realized it, news had already traveled far and wide around the neighborhood about the fact that he was providing food to stray puppies.

Along with the first guest, other canines started to arrive, and Gerardo was there to greet each and every one of them with a delicious supper.

These days, a number of stray dogs show up at the doors of Ajilalo every evening in the hopes of receiving food for free.

Although the majority of these dogs are “customers” on a regular basis, some are often also first-timers, all with the expectation that Gerardo’s meal would fill their stomachs with his great cuisine.

When Gerardo is in his restaurant, he often glances up and sees a new dog’s face at the front of his establishment. He does this because he is curious to find out whether or not the reports about his kindness are accurate.

“They do not pay us with money but they pay us with their pleasure and wagging tails,” the owner of the dog said.

“They are really appreciative, and we find that we get more pleasure from giving than getting. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for critters of all kinds. Helping other people and animals is something that my mother instilled in us from a young age. My motivation comes from her.”

By Anna

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