According to the author of theirfo, this is the heartwarming tale of Eric and Peety, the pair that have the deepest connection between a person and a dog that has ever existed.

They were able to rely on one another in times of difficulty and form a lovely couple overall. A few years ago, when Eric’s weight reached 348 pounds, he suffered from extreme obesity.

Because of this, his life was in danger, and he had to spend hundreds of dollars every single month just on his meds.

Because of his stature, weight, and appearance, he began to withdraw from social interaction. One day, he went to a local shelter and adopted Peety, who was also obese; the two of them had an immediate connection with one another. The fact that the two of them have shed 5 pounds together is quite remarkable.

Peety has, alas, gone on to the other side of the rainbow bridge, but Eric will always have fond memories of her. It has been said that 6 months later, Eric rescued another another puppy from the local shelter who was called Jacob.

By Elen

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