Although it’s common knowledge that cats are always getting into mischief, nothing quite tops the exploits of this particular cat from Ukraine. Candy was the only thing that kept her alive when she was stuck on board one of Shipping’s ships.

The little cat ended up being trapped inside of one of the containers and ended up traveling all the way from Ukraine to Israel. She subsisted on sweets in order to make it through the three weeks of travel since the container did not include any kitty food. Everyone was taken aback by the fact that there was no water to drink, yet the kitten seemed to be in excellent condition despite this.

This small kitty came to the conclusion that he would embark on an exciting journey.

There was no one to blame, other than the cat’s natural inclination for exploration. The CCTV cameras on the port captured her on video one day as she entered one of the containers. The staff kept it under lock and key and carried it with them on their renowned trips. She walked away from the accident thankfully unscathed.

The fact that he was still alive when the container containing him was opened was a surprise to the people who made the discovery due to the absence of any food or liquid in the container.

The following is an account of what the company that unearthed him had to say about the miracle.

By Elen

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