” A dog is the only living thing on this planet that will love you more than he loves himself. ” “Hounds will follow those who give them food.” Although dogs are just a little part of our lives, they complete us in every way.

Every dog has its day until it loses its tail, in which case it has a weak end. “The previous video tells the heartwarming tale of how six orphaned pups were rescued from a railroad track after their mother had passed away.

According to the information provided by the train driver, there are going to be two people searching for it in that region.

They search for a long time until finding the mother dog lying next to the train track, at which point they know that she has passed away. There is no sign of the mother dog.

There are six pups, and two of them are laying quite close to their mother. in order for them to locate them quickly. In addition, please take all six of the pups.

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