The majority of the time, people have the preconceived notion that huge dogs are vicious and untamable animals. This happens quite seldom. This anecdote is evidence that despite their size, they have a kind and compassionate nature. Ruby Jane, a bloodhound who is 5 years old, is the ideal example of this. She is a kind and loving dog that takes a like to everyone in her environment, especially the rescued kittens who are younger.

Ruby Jane, which is located in Lakeland and is owned by Stephanie Vice, who is a veterinary technician, often provides fostering services for kittens. She has been doing a wonderful job, assisting the small animals in overcoming a variety of challenges that they have been facing. Once again demonstrating that not all large canines are intimidating and rough, she assisted a rescued cat named Bondie, who was only five weeks old, in taking a bath during the most recent photograph.

After Bodie and a handful of his siblings were rescued from a shelter, Stephanie made the decision to provide foster care for them until they are physically and mentally stable. When they are healthier, it is intended that they will be made available for adoption. Ruby Jane is the closest thing to a mother for the kittens since they do not have a mother.

Take a look at the sweet video of her reassuring the little child and see how she does it. The video quickly gained millions of viewers once it was uploaded, and its popularity continues to grow. If you watch it all the way through, you will too, and we guarantee that it will be the sweetest thing you will see all day.

By Elen

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