The Animal Cruelty Division at the ANNA Shelter has had a relatively slow month, but they just took in a dog who was in critical condition and had their hands full with him.

The whole day, Officer Duckett was busy responding to calls, but the case he was working on at the end of the shift turned out to be one of the most severe examples of neglect they’ve ever seen.

The senior dog that they took in, who they have now given the name Junior, has been through a lot but is now in excellent hands.

The sad puppy was checked by Dr. Crystal Franklin and the rest of her team at the ANNA Wellness Center in Erie so that they could devise a treatment strategy for him.

After years of being neglected, Tauna from Posh Paws Dog Spa came to the shelter to groom him and remove the matted fur.

Because his fur was so matted that he couldn’t see or move, and because the knots in his hair were so tightly wrapped around his legs, he was in danger of losing circulation in his legs. It ultimately resulted in serious illnesses, to the point where maggots were crawling all over his feet as a result.

He was stinking so terribly since he was coated in his own excrement and urine and had no clothes on. His fingernails had become overgrown, he had pee burns on his stomach and feet, and he was missing all of his teeth with the exception of one. His condition was really poor.

Junior, who is considered to be at least 10 years old, is still under the care of the wellness center at the animal shelter; however, they are in the process of looking for a decent hospice foster to live with Junior.

He is feeling considerably better and relishes the opportunity to take pleasant strolls in the grass. However, he is still in a lot of pain and is taking pain medicine to help minimize the discomfort he is in. He is very sociable and wags his tail.

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