This son and his wheelchair-bound mother do the most heartfelt wedding dance that has ever been caught on film. The woman suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Despite the fact that the sickness had rendered the mother unable to walk, she was present to make her son’s milestone event even more memorable for him.

The mother-son dance is a traditional wedding dance that takes place during the reception of the groom. During this dance, the groom and his mother have an intimate time together on the dance floor.

The emotional wedding ceremony for Zak Poirier took place in Orlando, Florida, and people all over the globe are finding themselves moved by the footage of the dance they saw. To this day, there have been around 40,000 people who have seen it.

He said that his mum, Kathy, had been given a diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) a while before he graduated from law school. This was about the time that he had started working as an attorney.

On Instagram, he told his followers about his courageous mother. Poirier tweeted, “Since that moment, I’ve seen her courageously battle her illness and overcome the chances against her.” Poirier was referring to the woman who had been diagnosed with cancer. Even though she was unable to walk alone, my mother and I danced together at the reception of my wedding.

The video shows his mother being pushed in her wheelchair onto the dance floor and then being pulled out of it so that she may dance along with Zak and her other boys to the song “Humble and Kind.” Zak is also seen dancing with his other brothers.

Heartfelt best wishes go out to Zak Poirier and his new wife on the occasion of their wedding, and we continue to believe that Kathy will make a full recovery from ALS with the help of God’s healing power.

“My son, pay attention to the advice that your father gives you, and do not ignore the lessons that your mother teaches you. They are a chain to ornament your neck as well as a garland to adorn your head.

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