Alexander, a little lad of 12 years old, performed a deed that is genuinely heroic. He pulled the puppy out of the drain just in time to save the infant, who was in danger of drowning in the water.

The mother of the puppy gave birth to her offspring under the protection of the shelter when it was raining. Once upon a time, a severe storm drove one dog into the ditch, but the smaller dog had good luck since Sasha just so happened to be passing by at the moment.
The youngster sustained an injury to his arm as a result of the ditch’s inadequate width. After seeing what had just happened, people walking by rushed to call an ambulance. The audience enjoyed Sasha’s performance very much.

The hero quickly became well-known across his neighborhood, and his popularity continued to soar. The locals are overjoyed to learn that one of their community’s youths is so courageous and will be growing up there.

The kid was honored with the Courage Award by the Youth Center. And since the existence of such youngsters in our world demonstrates that there are many opportunities for a successful future, we are grateful for their presence. We would like to extend our gratitude to Sasha’s parents for instilling in their daughter a sense of decency, devotion, and a love of animals at such a young age.

By Anna

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