Chet Hanks has maintained his recovery for the last five years owing to his daughter:
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are famous celebrity couples in Hollywood, and their long-term marriage has always seemed to be quite stable. They are known not only for their independent effort as successful actors and filmmakers but also for their fantastic love story that really does appear as though it was taken directly from a Hollywood movie. They have been a fixture in the amusement industry for decades, and they are known not only for their individual work but also for their love story.

Both of these individuals have had extensive experience in the entertainment industry. The couple has been married for four decades and has produced four children: Chet and Truman Hanks, both of whom are sons, and Elizabeth and Colin Hanks, both of whom are daughters. Tom Hanks also has two children from a previous relationship. Only two of their four children, Colin and Chet, have followed in their renowned parents’ footsteps and entered the entertainment industry.

In addition to his work as an actor, Chet is well-known for his rapping career, which he pursues under the stage name Chet Hanx. Chet, who is now 31 years old, has been transparent about the challenges he has faced in life, including his addiction. In point of fact, he has been quite open about the fact that his daughter Michaiah was instrumental in his getting clean and making positive changes in his life. Michaiah is of mixed race as a result of her mother, Tiffany Miles, who was once Chet’s girlfriend.

In point of fact, Chet’s parents are grandparents to more than simply their son’s daughter; in all, they have three grandchildren, and it seems as if they adore their position as grandparents. The pair jokes that although they consider themselves the “coolest grandparents” in the world, they are well aware that their grandkids do not feel the same way about them.

Chet spoke candidly about his difficulties with substance abuse and how his daughter ended up being the one to rescue his life in a video interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2018. He also discussed the manner in which his parents interact with Michaiah.

They have been married since 1988, which means that they celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary earlier this year in April. Tom Hanks is now 65 years old, while Rita Wilson is 64 years old. The pair has a reputation for having a very stable marriage, and they have often spoken publicly about the factors that contribute to the success of their long-term partnership.

According to a report by People, Tom’s chatty personality was “one of the reasons, when we met, that we just got along instantaneously” when Wilson and Tom first met. Wilson made this revelation while appearing on Kelly Clarkson’s daytime talk program in April of 2020. She continued by saying that she “loves a good storyteller” and that Tom is one of those storytellers. Additionally, the pair has been successful in bringing up their mixed family, which now consists of four amazing children, including Colin Hanks and Chet Hanks.

Colin is the father of two of his own children, two girls called Olivia and Charlotte, whilst Chet is the father of one of his own children, Michaiah, with an ex-girlfriend. Together, they have four children. In the same interview with ET, Tom remarked, “I guess they just put up with us,” despite the fact that the grandparents had previously described themselves as the “coolest grandparents.” In the meanwhile, Wilson continued by saying, “Sometimes they simply stare at us like ‘what?'”

Michaiah, who is somewhere about 5 years old and is Chet’s daughter, is even responsible for supporting to save her dad’s life. This is on top of the obvious affection that the three grandkids in the Hank family tree plainly have for their parents and grandparents. When Chet found out he was going to be a father, he had a profound transformation that helped him overcome his cocaine addiction. In 2018, he gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight in which he was frank and stated:

“I don’t know if I would’ve made the required adjustments, she saved my life, and as she grows older, she’ll know it,” he said. “I don’t know if I would’ve made the modifications.”

Chet discusses the music he creates with his band FTRZ and how being upfront about his difficulties with addiction and being clean is a vital part of their message in the touching video interview. Chet also speaks about the music he produces with his band FTRZ. He describes how he was aware that he needed to abstain from alcohol for a period of time but found it difficult to make the necessary adjustments to go on to the next stage of his life. It was fortunate for him that Michaiah came into his life since she turned out to be the perfect inspiration for him to change his behavior. In the interview, he is quoted as saying:

“There’s no telling whether or not I would have [decided to quit drinking and drug use] if it weren’t for the birth of my daughter. If I hadn’t taken that choice, I’d probably be dead or incarcerated right now at the very least.”

It was the “most gratifying and the most satisfying” element of recording his songs, according to him, to be able to talk openly about his difficulties with addiction in the hopes that it could assist another person on their own path, which he characterized as “most rewarding and most fulfilling.”

He went on to say that he is “very blessed” and that his parents are “totally supportive” of him while he works through the process of becoming clean. On the happier side, he said that they are over the moon about becoming Michaiah’s grandparents and really adore him. Chet takes great joy in the fact that his granddaughter will be able to have the same close relationship with his parents as he has with his own grandparents. Additionally, he said that the well-known pair is willing to babysit “at any moment.”

There is, however, one item that his kid does not have, and that is her very own doll of Woody from “Toy Story,” the character that Tom memorably voiced. After coming to this realization, Chet said that it is unquestionably necessary for it to take place. We are complete of the same mind!

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