This is a great story of a devoted dog that found a way to express his gratitude to the person who helped him many years ago. This dog’s human grandma, who had leg difficulties, relied on him to carry her breakfast for a number of years.

The previous owner of the dog surrendered him when he was just a few months old, which is a rather young age for a dog. He had been living on the streets for some time when an old lady took pity on him, befriended him, and adopted him. After that, his life became much more joyful.

Because his grandma’s feet were extremely uncomfortable to her, the dog only had a few chances to go out and play with his grandmother. These possibilities consisted of going to the shop with his grandmother so that she could purchase breakfast.

The dog’s one and only opportunity to accompany the dog’s grandma outside was ruined when the dog’s grandmother fell down one day on her way out.

At first, he was uneasy, but possibly because he knew the path to and from the shop so well, he made a solemn commitment to visit the establishment on a daily basis since then in order to get breakfast for his grandma.

When the dog arrived at the shop by itself for the very first time, the security officer was perplexed as to what was going on and why the dog was coming to the store by itself. When the dog walked out of the building with a bag of food in his jaws, the janitor finally got it. It would seem that he took it upon himself, on a daily basis, whenever he spotted the dog coming closer, to get up and make some food for the dog to carry to his grandma.

It has been 10 years since the dog went to the supermarket by himself, regardless of whether or not it was raining, in order to get food for breakfast.

Even though the dog is now regarded to be an elderly pet, he adamantly refuses to stop providing his granny with food on a daily basis. After all, he cared deeply about his grandma and didn’t want her to experience the discomfort of hunger or skipping breakfast.

Although people do some positive things for animals, animals themselves do considerably more. Respect ought to be shown for one’s animal companions. People come into contact with a large number of other individuals during their lifetimes, but a devoted animal has just you in his.

By Elen

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