A stray dog was seen wandering all day long on a beach in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, where the city is located. Sally was her name, and she was traveling with a posse of canines at the time.

When Mohd Ridhuan and a buddy went to the beach one day, he happened to see the pack of dogs there. He was the one who reported seeing them.

He began giving the dogs food, and Sally found it to be really enjoyable.

She developed feelings of attachment to the guy and began waiting for his visits with growing impatience. Son she was unable to wait for such a long time, so she pursued the guy in order to find out where he went after his regular visits.

She found out that Ridhuan worked at a shop and that he had a very good memory of the location of the business where he worked. Very quickly, people began to notice the dog hanging about the business a lot.

Ridhoan was overjoyed to find his cherished dog in the vicinity of his place of employment. They started to be very good friends.

Soon after, Ridhuan began to share images of the dog on social media, which ultimately assisted in her search for a loving and permanent new home.

By Elen

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