A dangerous lady who did not want the dog that belonged to her husband to be around any longer made the decision to put an end to the life of the defenseless animal in the most heinous manner possible. After an argument with her husband, Jwant to Martin, 49, allegedly placed a dog in a cage and left him high top a dumpster in subzero temperatures. Martin is accused of doing this to the dog.

The animal was discovered by the authorities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, all by itself, shivering, and unable to protect himself in any way. Humane Animal Rescue was kind enough to take in the adorable dog, which is a relief.

When Martin is brought before a judge, the photographs of the dog shivering in a cage while being put in the garbage will be brought up as evidence against him.

She did not contest the claims of animal harm and neglect, but she did relinquish her right to a preliminary hearing.

After learning about the puppy, who was given the name Remy, a retired police officer made the decision to provide him with a warm and caring permanent home. As a result of what Martin did to Remy, we have high hopes that she will be held accountable to the maximum extent of the law.

By Elen

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