There are many instances of individuals running into burning buildings to rescue pets from the flames, but there are also heroes who fearlessly confront danger. One such narrative describes a person who ran into a burning building to save dogs. One of these courageous individuals is a beautiful pregnant dog who gave her life at a hospice facility in order to save the lives of four older adults. When a fire broke out at a hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia, Matilda did not hesitate for a moment to assist the helpless victims.

She barked once again to alert the four humans, who were lucky enough to get out unharmed, but Matilda did not have the same good fortune. The heroic dog did not come to the attention of the firefighters since they were focused on helping the citizens and putting out the fire. Instead, she was confined within the burning structure with no way out and shackled to the walls.

“In the middle of all the confusion, everyone forgot about the dog called Matilda who was on a leash.” She is affectionately known as Motya, and the SPB reports that she “could not escape the fire and was severely hurt.”

A news reporter showed images of Matilda’s severe injuries on the air many hours after the fire had been extinguished while at the same time telling everyone else about the incident. Animal rights activists made a beeline toward the location in an attempt to rescue the dog. Alexander Tsinkevich and Elena Kalinina found out that Matilda was expecting a child after bringing her to a facility that combined a shelter and a clinic. Her face, neck, and belly had suffered significant burns as well. Her delicate mug had been hacked open, leaving just the blackened flesh behind.

A reproductive expert checked the dog and her puppies and was surprised to find that all of them were alive and in good health after the examination. In spite of the fact that the owner of the hospice was unable to help Matilda and her babies, there are those willing to provide a helping hand to support the family.

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