Bethany Coleman and her boyfriend already had two senior cats and a young rescue dog called Rogue in their home when they moved in together. In light of this, they were afraid to buy a new puppy, despite the fact that it was something they truly wanted to do. They were planning to rent an apartment, but they believed that no landlord would be willing to let them in with two humans, two cats, and two dogs at the same time.

Coleman and Rogue were perusing the local farmer’s market one day when both of their attention was drawn to something in the distance. It was a dog that resembled Rogue that she was searching for, not the fresh fruit that had just been delivered. Coleman was aware that it was destiny that had brought them together, and as a result, they decided to give the 8-month-old dog a home and give him the name Beast. Despite the fact that Rogue was used to being the only dog in the home, he regarded Beast as if the two had been born at the same time but had been separated at birth.

They are now all residents of Hawaii, where they have forged a friendship that nothing in this world will ever be able to sever. You may follow along with their exploits by going to Coleman’s Instagram account and scrolling down for additional information.

Bethany and her boyfriend already had two elderly cats and a young rescue dog named Rogue in their home when they moved in together. Because of this, they decided against getting another dog.

They also had to take into consideration the fact that the flat they were living in was just rented. But it wasn’t until they caught a glimpse of Rogues, the twin of another mother, that they made up their minds to act immediately.

When they finally did see the dog, it was a really lovely day, and they immediately realized that it was destiny that had brought them together.

Coleman said to The Dodo, “Rogue and I fell head over heels in love with him the moment we laid eyes on him.” “He seemed to be Rogue; they were the same size (at the time), and they wore the same coat… Both of them are combinations of terriers and cairns. People are often inquiring as to whether or not they are brother and sister.

They adopted the canine, gave him the name Beast, and made room for him in the household.

Rogue was forced to readjust once Beast was officially welcomed into the family. She was used to being the only dog in the household, and as a result, she often engaged Beast in petty disagreements.

According to what Coleman said to The Dodo, “At initially, we offered Beast and Rogue the exact same toys. However, she only wanted what Beast had and constantly grabbed it from him.”

They are now the best of friends despite the fact that they had to learn to compliment one other despite their many differences.

“Beast is the huge baby and my cuddly toy who fights with the cats for lap space,” says Coleman. “Beast is the big baby and my cuddly toy.”

Rogue used to be really hyperactive when she was alone herself, but now that she has a lover, she has certainly calmed down.

Since the family has relocated to Hawaii, they have already established a relationship that no outside force will be able to disrupt.

Coleman said that their trip across the nation had shown that their “small family” will remain together for the foreseeable future.

“[We] will always cherish the unconditional love that they offer us each and every day, and we can’t wait for the next adventure.”

Coleman continued by saying, “I like to joke that we are creating our very own tiny Noah’s Ark.” “Two people, two domestic cats, and two canine companions.”

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