In a recent article on ilovemydogsomuch, Maryanne Davidson and her friends were out walking on a gorgeous day in the Dallas, Texas region.

However, when Maryanne returned to her car, she saw something extremely weird below the hood. The rest of the party agreed that it had been a wonderful day together. A little puppy became stuck within the engine of a woman’s SUV and was unable to escape. The lady was in a difficult situation because if she attempted to move the vehicle, the dog may be seriously injured, putting her in danger.

She and her pals immediately dialed 311 and 911 to contact Dallas Fire Rescue. Firefighters set to work almost away, removing one of the SUV’s tires to get access to the terrified dog from both the top and bottom of the engine compartment. They labored for more than 2-and-a-half hours to attempt to liberate the dog from his horrible position. Finally, all of the efforts paid off, as the small puppy was rescued from the engine and sent to the Dallas Animal Services Adoption Center. There is, however, more to the tale than just the rescue.

Firefighter James Tooter Hayes, who was instrumental in rescuing the puppy, checked in on the tiny one’s development. Maryanne Davidson was also interested in learning more about the dog, and she got the finest news anybody could have hoped for. Firefighter Hayes made the decision to adopt the furry friend. He believed that “God’s grace brought them together,” and so he called the dog Grace. Grace is doing well these days and has recovered from her horrible ordeal. She was lucky that her rescuer, Maryanne, discovered her before it was too late.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, I Love My Dog encourages our readers to contact their local shelter or pet rescue organization. There are millions of amazing pets looking for their forever homes who are just a mouse click away if you know where to look.

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