In recognition of Zeus’ over a decade of service, his fellow officers wanted to provide him with the befitting send-off he deserved.

All animals deserve our respect, but police dogs perform a particularly important duty in our society, and they deserve our gratitude. A K9 is meticulously trained to work with police and must be incredibly disciplined in order to perform well in high-pressure environments. Various police dog responsibilities exist in the field, and none of them are simple or without risk.

These are the most common K9 job duties: search and rescue, narcotics and arson detection, and body finding, among others.

When it comes to making an arrest, the opinion of a police canine may frequently make all the difference in the outcome. These canines, on the other hand, form close bonds with their police handlers, which is why it is so painful when a canine is forced to leave the force permanently.

In front of the Ridgefield Police Department, a black cloth was draped over the entranceway and a half-raised flag was flown.

The police department was bidding goodbye to a very valued member of the squad.

Zeus, a German Shepherd who had served with the department for nine years, was given the same emotional send-off that any human officer would have had. As it turned out, it would be his last trip in a police vehicle. An automobile procession headed by police cars followed Zeus’ vehicle to the Ridgefield Veterinary Hospital, where he was wheeled past a crowd of soldiers and women.

“It is with tears in our eyes that we must bid Zeus goodbye,” a police officer remarked before Zeus was carried inside the building. The pride, dignity, and respect he had for his Ridgefield police badge were evident.”

Zeus was considered as a “alpha dog” by cops, who credited him with assisting them in hundreds of arrests. Since joining the force in 2006, he has accomplished some fantastic things for the department.

During his years of service, Zeus had conducted over 50 searches for missing or wanted persons, identifying six victims in life-threatening circumstances and six suspects who had left crime scenes. Zeus was awarded the Medal of Honor for his efforts.

However, it was now time for him to put his leash away for the rest of the day. The head of the department, John Roche, characterized being there during Zeus’ dying moments as a “honor.”

As he went on to remark, “The illness had degraded him to the point where it was simply so impossible for him to live and go on.”

Anyone who has kept a pet for more than a few decades will understand the heartbreak that comes with choosing to put your beloved animal friend down. However, there are instances in which it is actually for the best — for example, when an animal’s quality of life has degraded to the point that they are no longer content. Zeus suffered from a dreadful degenerative hip illness, and his health progressively worsened when he was forced to leave the military.

One thing is certain: even if Zeus is no longer alive, he will never be forgotten. Five years later, the Ridgefield CT Police Department showed their love for their canine companion in a heartfelt Facebook post, which has now gone viral. After detailing some of Zeus’ most noteworthy achievements, the essay came to a close, as follows:

“Zeus was a very valued part of our company as well as our community. It is in our hearts and thoughts that he will always be remembered, and he will never be forgotten.”

In all likelihood, Zeus had a long and happy life, and from the looks of things, he really enjoyed his time as a member of the police force.

After all, not every dog has the opportunity to boast that they performed such an important part!

The footage of Zeus’s last journey in a police vehicle is linked below for your viewing enjoyment. Warning: this film will make you cry.

By Elen

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