Despite the fact that dogs are among the most loyal creatures on the planet, a poignant photo of a dog waiting for his master next to an empty hospital bed has once again proven this unconditional love and loyalty to be true. Someone snapped a photo of the terrible event, which rapidly went popular on social media in a matter of hours after it was posted.

This is Moose, a 3 Labrador hybrid who was on the verge of being murdered because the shelter was overloaded and no one was ready to adopt him. Moose was rescued by Eleventh Hour Rescue in Randolph, New Jersey, and rescued by a loving individual who provided him with a temporary family.

The sad puppy had finally found a place to call his own, but his father went away from cancer less than a year later. Unfortunately, Moose was completely unaware that his father had passed away, and all he knew was that he needed to be patient and wait for his return. Though his wait will be in vain because his beloved human will never return, he will remain in the hope that a miracle will occur.

By Anna

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