Sadly, this sweet puppy was acquired by someone with a heart as black as coal, and then when she became unwell, she was abandoned on the side of the road to die! Who could have done such a horrible act to such a helpless person as a child? That’s impossible for us to comprehend!

There was a truck passing through. When the driver noticed the dog, he immediately called for help. The rescuer was dispatched to the scene right away. The rescuer could tell from the pup’s dejected expression that this dog needed assistance and brought him to a safe location. She couldn’t even move because she lacked the necessary strength.

The fact that her stomach was so swollen was the most concerning aspect of the situation. The rescuer is trained to analyze the situation as best he can, taking into consideration that this is a very impoverished section of the world and that there are no x-ray machines or sophisticated testing available at the time. He assumed she had a gut full of worms based on his previous experience. Many individuals in the area did not have the financial means to deworm their puppies, therefore this was a popular practice.

The dog was very emaciated as a result of the worm infestation. She was most likely anemic as well. Her savior provided her with deworming medication, pain medication, and antibiotics.

The puppy would feed and regain his vigor as soon as she felt well in her own right. However, for the time being, she required a lot of rest. The nice blanket that was offered to her performed wonders.

The rescuer’s assumption turned out to be correct! In only a couple of days, the pup’s health had significantly improved! She was in desperate need of food! Fortunately, the client’s rescuer wanted to start her out on a brew that would be really gentle on her tummy! Her tail even waggled as she sipped from the huge dish of broth she was given.

She was compelled to up and eat within minutes of being awakened. She even expressed an interest in playing once she had some food in her stomach. She was entirely well (and joyful!) after a short period of time. Her savior had even arranged for her to be placed in a suitable family.

The puppy who was truly at the door of tragedy is today enjoying the best life.

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By Anna

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