In 2013, after a lost puppy wandered into their camp in Afghanistan, a squad of American soldiers commanded by Sgt. Edwin Caba rallied together to aid a stray family of canines who had been abandoned by their owners.

A strong bond was created between Caba and the dog, Sheba, who went on to become the soldiers’ mascot and a friend. It was every night that the dog looked forward to the men’s safe return.

The troops also took care of Sheba, who had fallen ill shortly after giving birth. They fed her and her pups part of their food and resources in order to keep her healthy and thriving.

It was decided that the dogs would accompany the soldiers home when it was time for them to return, knowing that if they were left alone, they would almost likely perish. We were fortunate that Harris, Breezy, Buckeye, Jack, Sarah, Rocky, Cadence, and Sheba, as well as their mother, were all transported to live with the military! A triumphant conclusion, to say the least.

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