“Grease” is a classic film that everyone has watched at least once in their lives, even if they don’t consider themselves to be major movie fans.
The legendary 1978 film is based on the 1971 musical of the same name, and it features performers and actresses who went on to achieve success in the entertainment industry.

John Travolta is one of the actors who fall within this category. After “Grease,” he went on to appear in films such as “Pulp Fiction,” “She’s So Lovely,” “Hairspray,” Disney’s “Bolt,” and many others, but he’ll always be remembered as the cheeky child Danny Zuko in the eyes of many people.

Grease’s popularity has endured to this day, and the picture is now regarded as the second most successful film of all time.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that, when “Grease” celebrated its 40th anniversary, there was a lot of anticipation for the 40th-anniversary celebration in 2018.

We may be prejudiced, but we can’t help but notice that John Travolta still looks as good as he did when he was a young guy, despite the passage of time.
And, as he demonstrated in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, he’s still got it when it comes to movements.

While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to discuss the film’s 25th anniversary, Travolta revealed something surprising to the audience.

Despite the fact that it was only a brief performance, this is one you do not want to miss!

The interview begins like any other, with Jimmy expressing his amazement that he is interviewing the John Travolta from “Grease” – proving that even celebrities can be taken aback by their own celebrity!

In discussing the film’s success, Jimmy observes that even his 12-year-old nieces are familiar with the film’s catchy musical hits. The pair also analyze the future of the film.

He possessed the complete package because he was incredibly talented in both singing and dancing, as Jimmy describes in the film.

Jimmy attempted to explain a maneuver that Travolta performs with his partner, Olivia Newton-John, near the end of the film, but fails miserably.

Known as the four corners, Travolta recounted growing up in a household filled with “all kinds of odd dances.” As a result, they needed a step for the climactic ‘You’re the One That I Want’ moment in Grease. As a result, I explained: “Well, we used to do the four corners.” ‘Why don’t we just do it?'”

There is an opportunity too excellent to pass up, and Jimmy takes advantage of it by asking the following question:

“Could you please show it to me?”

Travolta enters the stage to thunderous ovation from the audience, and the song “You’re the One That I Want” begins to play!

Jimmy is also taking advantage of the situation, standing next to the “Grease” legend and mimicking his movements as he bounces on the bottoms of his shoes.

“Till it gets into a decent groove,” says Travolta before taking off with his iconic “four corners” routine, which involves swaying his hips forward and backward while literally hitting the “four corners.”

A basic move, and it doesn’t take too long for Jim to pick it up, and the couple soon finds themselves dancing in perfect time.

We’re not surprised that the audience has lost their cool by this point!

They start cheering, and Jimmy encourages the audience to give it up for John Travolta, who is having so much fun that he can’t stop himself from continuing to dance.
While many guys in their late sixties would simply wind up embarrassing themselves on the dance floor, Travolta demonstrated beyond doubt that he still has it in him to hit the dance floor.

It’s possible that his amazing looks had anything to do with it, but according to Vanity Fair, he had a background in dancing before pursuing a career in acting. That is always beneficial!

In the event that you require some cheering up, John Travolta and Jimmy Fallon performing the “four corners” will do the trick!

You can see the entire video by clicking on the link below:

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