The New York Times’ Gillian Roberts was riding the train on her way home from work when she saw something both polite and heart-rending. A gentle guy was sitting on the floor with a cat wrapped in a towel on his lap, and he was really kind. From the bottle, he was gently giving the small one his breastmilk.

As soon as Roberts noticed them, she couldn’t help but approach the guy, who couldn’t help but smile. It came out that the guy had discovered the kitten in an alley and had taken extremely careful steps to care for her at the time. He was extremely attentive to the kitten and fed her on a regular basis as scheduled.

Roberts snapped a few heartwarming images of them and expressed his gratitude to the kind guy for his daring gesture. Soon after, she posted the images and the narrative on social media, and the story quickly gained popularity. Everyone appreciated the guy and expressed gratitude to him for his kindness.

By Elen

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