Dog owners may tend to wonder what their doggy pets get up to while they aren’t around, but few would anticipate a heroic rescue like the one that actually occurred in a family pool in Boksburg, South Africa.

Fortunately for Chucky the lucky toy Pomeranian pooch, the day didn’t turn out too disastrously. Despite his best efforts, the little 13-year-old pup unintentionally fell into the family swimming pool, where he was able to keep himself afloat but was unable to get out. If he had been on his own, he could have easily become exhausted and drowned in the process.

Fortunately, his best buddy Jessie, a 7-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, was with him and saw his distress and offered assistance. According to the video obtained by the home’s security cameras, Jessie was desperate to get him out of the house when the terrifying occurrence occurred. Jessie is seen in CCTV attempting to figure out how to bring Chucky out of the water without injuring him, and it is truly the cutest sight you will ever see. What we don’t see in this brief film is that it took Jessie a total of 34 minutes to save him because she was so determined not to quit.

Watch the video below:

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