What is the height and weight of the tallest and heaviest cat on record that you have ever seen? Whatever it is, you must be taken aback by this Maine Coon Kitten’s astonishment. Kefir is a gorgeous cat that weighs 28Ibs despite the fact that he has not yet reached full maturity. As a result of his enormous size, many people frequently mistake him for a canine.

Kefir currently resides in Russia with his owner, Yuliya Minina. Yuliya had no idea that her adorable kitten would one day become a worldwide celebrity on the Internet. She met this wonderful furry friend two years ago and fell in love with him almost immediately. When Kefir was a kitten, he liked to curl up next to Yuliya and sleep. Because he was so small at the time, this tendency does not appear to be a significant issue. However, now that Kefir has grown into a mini-giant, Yuliya is finding it difficult to keep him in place properly.

Kefir is an exceptionally loving cat, despite his enormous size. Kefir, in contrast to other cats who meow and yell throughout the day, does not meow, yell, or scratch on the sofa or anything else. He’s a cat that’s perfect in every way. He is similar to a wise cat in that he keeps a low profile and observes everything.

On Instagram and TikTok, Yuliya frequently posted images of Kefir, and she was surprised when some mistakenly thought the goat was a canine! Her life has drastically transformed as a result of her adoption of this massive feline companion. As a result of having Kefir as a friend, she felt extremely fortunate.

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