One day, a flatbed truck rolled up to the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) with 20 animals in such bad state that it shattered the hearts of the shelter’s workers, who were on their way to save them.

There were dogs, cats, sugar gliders, a snake, and a turtle among the animals on display. All of the animals were in appalling condition, coated with excrement, and jammed into small containers. On top of everything else, they had just returned from a lengthy journey in the scorching summer sun and were on the verge of suffering from heat stroke.

Instead of pausing to consider their options, the shelter acted swiftly and decisively to save their lives. They also issued a call for assistance, noting that their resources had been stretched by the rapid inflow of abandoned and mistreated animals.

“Let’s just be honest about this,” they pleaded. It’s been a very difficult week at HSNT. These situations break our hearts, but we get up every day and do our best to care for the animals in our care.”

Their cries were heard, and there was a massive outpouring of sympathy.

Three poodle mixes were among the animals surrendered, and they were in need of immediate medical attention. “These creatures are in anguish due to the weight of their dreadlocks, which have been burdened down by filth, dung, and urine,” the Humane Society of the United Nations (HSNT) noted.

Pierre, in particular, had become matted to the point that he was unable to walk without suffering.

HSNT’s Cassie Lackey told the Dodo that the animals’ “matting was so bad that they had restricted range of movement.” They walked with their dreadlocks entangled and unpleasant, as though each step was pulling on their fur. We had absolutely no notion what was lurking under the matting. We might be dealing with maggots, cysts, sores, flea infestation, and a slew of other things,” says the veterinarian.

The HSNT’s local PetSmart generously gave complimentary grooming services from their senior groomers to the organization. It took hours to meticulously groom Pierre without inflicting any harm on him.

He had to be sheered like a sheep in order to be saved.

They took off five pounds of fur.

As they proceeded to shave him, Pierre’s eyes were filled with sadness as they glanced at them.

They gave him a bath to get rid of the fleas and wash away the final traces of grime.

When Lackey brought him to her workplace to meet with other people, she was taken aback by how “ridiculously nice and caring” he was. Despite the fact that he enjoys people, he has no idea what toys are.

Nevertheless, it won’t take long for him to figure out what they are. Pierre was adopted by the Unzicker family just a few days after he was rescued by the Unzickers.

He’s now on to the next chapter of his life – one filled with love and respect.

By Elen

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