On one occasion, a man in Gimmelwald, Switzerland, became disoriented while hiking in the Alps, and it wasn’t until a cat came up to him that he was guided in the proper direction.

“Gimmelwald is a little, tiny town that is breathtakingly gorgeous. In fact, I became disoriented in the nearby mountains. According to Reddit user sc4s2cg, “I arrived in Lauterbrunnen at the end of the ski season, thus the lifts were not operational and certain trails were closed.”

Following the ski lifts on the mountain, he took a detour up the mountain before going on. Then, after reaching the summit, the journey took him through an “absolutely deserted town,” where he found himself on his own for the first time.

“I was looking at my map to see how I might get back to the hostel when I realized that the only official way down was down a trail that had been closed.” “And that’s how I came to meet that lovely feline.”

The kitten came up to him as he stopped for lunch and to rest his sprained ankle while on the road trip.

In his words, “As soon as I got out of bed, she immediately started leading me down some route.” “She looked really nice considering that I was a complete stranger; she must be accustomed to the large number of tourists who visit the area on a yearly basis.”

“This was the only cat I came across… She wasn’t just strolling around the mountains at random; rather, I believe she resides in the town where I was staying (Gimmelwald).”

“She was strolling and kept glancing at me to see if I wanted to join her, and she directed me straight to the trail that would lead me back down to the valley.” ”

He made the decision to videotape the incident so that everyone could see it.

You can check the complete video below:

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