A report was sent the other day about a senior dog that looked to have been abandoned in a public lavatory at Destrehan’s Splash Park, according to Louisiana animal control authorities. When a team arrived on the scene, they discovered a long-extinct Black Labrador. Meanwhile, the dog appeared to be in terrific health. Officers noticed a bottle of water next to her, as well as a strange message.

“Be nice 2 dog – got caught without a car – will be returning soon – give my dog some water – will be back in the morning,” the message says.

However, animal control officers were called and the dog, named Ladybird, was taken into custody and placed in the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter until her owner could be located. However, Ladybird had not been abandoned in the slightest. The personnel at the shelter found out about her when her owner phoned them the following morning.

When Ladybird’s owner returned to the place where he had left his dog the following morning and realized that his dog had gone missing, he immediately contacted animal control to report the incident. It was through this method that he was able to identify the true whereabouts of his long-lost canine. It was during this time that everyone learned of their awful story!

“He got in touch with us and stated that he still wants Ladybird but that he needs a few weeks to get back on his feet,” Dr. Jena Troxler, the supervisor of the animal shelter, said. She and her companion are homeless, and he has been sleeping in a shelter to collect money so that he and Ladybird can drive back to North Carolina, where he has family who would assist him in getting back on his feet.

Their relationship began when Ladybird was just six weeks old, and they have since traveled all over the world together. But the preceding six months have been more challenging than they imagined, and they have found themselves homeless and unable to return to their family in North Carolina, where they had planned to live.

Ladybird and his devoted owner were in need of assistance when the narrative moved everyone at the shelter, and they rushed to assist them. The long-awaited reunion was made possible thanks to the generosity of Turning Rescues into Pets and Wings of Rescue, who both contributed to the cause.

In Dr. Troxler’s words, “You can actually tell how much Ladybird means to him, and we are delighted to do our part in keeping her safe until they can be together again.” The staff at the shelter have unanimously agreed that she is a favorite. “Ladybird has recently been on quite the excursion.”

Ladybird was able to return to her loving family, where she will be able to spend her final years in peace, thanks to the generosity of these kind-hearted individuals.

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