Takis Shelter has been in the forefront of the fight against neglected and abandoned dogs in Greece for a long period of time. Even though it’s a difficult job, we’re grateful that someone is willing to devote the bulk of their time and resources to it. Takis himself believes that the final prize is well worth all of the effort put in.

Take, for example, the rescue seen below. As he got closer to a dog that was tied to a wall, he was heartbroken to see that she was nothing more than skin and bones. It was difficult to say how long she’d been chained to this spot, but she had clearly been neglected and mostly forgotten. The adorable girl just wanted assistance, and she waggled her tail when she saw the gentleman.

He came up to her and lifted her off the wall. She was giddy with anticipation, eager to get going! Having seen all the world has to offer, the dog was eager to experience the joy of being a pet for the first time. These emotional responses are only a little part of what makes it all worthwhile.

When the dog returned to the shelter, he was a little wary of all the other animals at first. But as soon as she saw the meal, she became more relaxed. She’ll be staying with us until she can find a loving permanent home, where she’ll have shelter, friends, and all the care she needs. ?It’s another dog who will never be harmed in the future!

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By Elen

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