Earlier this month, a concerned citizen reported seeing an underweight dog in a trash can at 7 Mile and Southfield Road in Detroit. Michigan Humane Society detectives were sent to the scene.

Upon arriving to her location to rescue her, they discovered that she had just given birth. They scoured the surrounding region for her brood of pups, but were unable to find them due to unforeseen circumstances.

She is currently recuperating at the humane society, but she seems to be terribly depressed since she has lost her pups. Once she has regained her health, MHS will assist her in finding the right permanent home for her.

In the meanwhile, the humane organization is determined to track down the mother dog and her pups, despite the fact that they recognize how tough it will be, particularly given the fact that the mother dog might have come from anywhere, not only Detroit.

Some speculate that someone abandoned the mother dog after she gave birth and then kept the pups to sell.

If anybody knows this dog or has any information about her pups or how she came to be in this state, they are asked to contact the Michigan Humane Society at 313-872-3401 immediately.

By Elen

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